Delivering Knowledge? The Bar Has Been Raised

The internet is a big place, but once in a while you find a niche where there is so clearly a single author dominating the scene that you remember:  Someone has to be first!

With chemistry-related infographics, that winner is most definitely a site called CompoundChem.  I have been using these super-well-made and incredibly-interesting infographics for the past year.  They are always a hit with students.  They’re so handsome that I can’t help but post a few of my favorites below:

Who hasn't wondered this before?

Who hasn’t wondered this before?


Students don’t need to be told to read them–they can’t help themselves.  They are drawn in by the design, the topics, and the imagery.

The content is fresh.  We print out their weekly infographic called “This Week in Chemistry” and place it near the door.  I see students reading it on daily basis–admittedly, they are a bit of a captive audience as I check their lab station before they are allowed to leave!  That being said, the topics are interesting, they

Interesting, always-changing, and appropriate length.

Interesting, always-changing, and appropriate length.

may (or may not) have heard about these stories on the news , and it changes every week.  You can have the greatest poster in the world, but after you’ve seen it umpteen times, its probably lost its engagement factor.

Lucky for me, CompounChem has multiple infographics related to our upcoming (and most unpopular!) unit on organic chemistry.

I plan to start with passing out this infographic–I’m actually going to print it because it is so useful!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.36.55 AM

I will follow this one up with a more specific infographic:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.46.04 AM

My next goal is to answer this question: How can I design a learning experience to encourage higher-order thinking using infographics?  It seems too easy to simply use infographics as a way of simply delivering knowledge.  There is money being left on the table here.  The key is not to simply give infographics to students–it is to fully embrace them as a way of pushing students to more deeply understand what they are learning.

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