Learning = (Human Interactions) (Individual Effort) (Real Experience)

There are so many ideas in this video (“This Will Revolutionize Education“) that I can’t help but cancel my original post idea, which was far more fun and nerdy (though it may morph into my final project).  I felt the need to react (mostly with vigorous nodding of my head) to some of the statements made by Derek Muler of Veritasium (absolutely worth subscribing to). YouTube Preview Image Lately I have been using graphic organizers/mind-maps extensively (my favorite software for this is XMind).  I took 4 quotes from the video and here is how I see them coming together in my mind (note–this was made in Skitch, another gem of a free app).

Pardon the semi-hideous color scheme (default Skitch colors, in case they look familiar to you!).

Pardon the semi-hideous color scheme (default Skitch colors, in case they look familiar to you!).

My only gripe…. Real Experience Trumps Video Simulation Derek states, “Any experience can be simulated in the video setting.”  Modern science education YouTube videos are so much better than anything produced in the past 50 years, with slick animations, engaging personalities, impressive demonstrations and incredible camera equipment.  But a video will always be a video, with a passive learner as its audience.  The student might have intrinsic motivation to guarantee effort, but is watching a video really the most powerful “learning experience” we can deliver? As a science teacher, it seems like a hollow attempt.  I want my students pushing levers, pouring liquids and touching organs. Experience is crucial to learning. In conclusion: YouTube is an evolution, not a revolution I found this video inspiring, enlightening and it reinforces my confidence that teaching will not be replaced by the internet.  It will be changed drastically–perhaps not as radically as some predict– and those teachers that cannot adapt will be replaced.  The rest of us will enjoy the ride.

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